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Medical astrology or astrology of disease is not a new subject. horoscopes of the patients to apply the principles of medical astrology. Many out patients who.
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The important and key planet, i. Mercury rules over all nerves and veins. Mercury is lord of 3rd and 12th, Mercury is in the star of Rahu an occupant of Libra 4th house which controls blood. Rahu is also a malignant type of planet giving a chronic disease like cancer etc,. Hence the sublord of the 6th cusp Mercury is well connected to houses 4,8 and 12th also, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn and Moon are also well connected to the houses 4, 8 and 12 and watery signs indicates clears, the disease of malignant type cancer, especially blood cancer to the native Mercury also aspects the 6th cusp.

The disease made its appearance at the end of , when the native was running Rahu dasa and Venus Bukthi. Rahu is a significator of 4th and Venus is lord of 4th. There was profuse blood discharge which was mistaken as menstrual discharge at the first stage and the patient had to be hospitalised. Mark the positive of dasa lord Rahu in Venus sign of bhukthi of Venus and the dasa lord Rahu is in the star of Mars, all indicates the menses troub les. Death;The nature of death can be found from the sublord of the 8th ' cusp and its sign if icators. The 8th cusp sublord is Mars, a planet for blood and blood cancer.

Mars is in the star of Mercury a significator of 4 and Mars is in the sub of Venus, a bhathaka. Mars also aspects the 12th house and 4th house. Hence the death was due to a chronic and dreadful disease like blood cancer. The middle of bhadhaka native dies Rahu dasa houses.

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SS'lO" II Lat and This is a chart of a Lady who suffered from the disease of Cancer. She was attacked in the form of Ulcer inside the right Cheek though it was not detected then. Suddenly a Tumour appeared in the right cheek inside mouth when the doctor at first stage diagnosed as boil inside the mouth. It grew quickly and it was broken forth suddenly. The doctor specialist declared the same as "Carcinoma Cheek" a kind of Cancer affecting the mouth.

The "Carcinoma" means a malignant tumour made up of connective tissues enclosing epithelial cells. In the chart under discussion, the Lagna falls in Libra ana Its lord is Venus. The star lord of lagna is Rahu and the sublord is ruled by the planet Saturn.

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The sign lord Venus as lord of 8th and posited in the 11th house in her own constellation. Venus also in the sub of Saturn, a planet for obstruction, placed in the 6th cusp. The star lord of the lagna cusp is Rahu. Rahu natural malefic and malignant type of planet, is posited in the eighth house a longwith Moon. Rahu is also in the sub of Venus lord of lagna.

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The 8th house Indicates fatal disease and position of Rahu In the 8th house may cause danger disease like cancer. The sublord of lagna is Saturn, Saturn lord of 4 and 5 is in the 6th bhava. Hence all the significator of lagna is well connected for houses 6, 8 and Diagnoses of Diseaset- The 6th cusp disease falls in the sign of Pisces at r 10" as per computer calculation. The sign lord is Jupiter Planet of growth tumour and cancer etc. The star lord is Saturn and the sublord also Jupiter.

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The sign lord and sublord of the 6th cusp, for growth and planet causes disease of Liver, Ear, etc Jupiter is also lord of 6th, is posited in the in the star of Venus lord of Taurus a second disease. The part of the anatomy indicated by the face includes mouth besides other viz. Eye, Nose, Ears etc. Hence the disease has to be affected in of the body. Jupiter a planet Tongue, Thighs 11th bhava and sign of natural Taurus, are the tongue, Teeth, the above parts The star lord Saturn, a planet for obstruction and malignant type of disease like cancer and also produce of cancer of leg, hand and places around tooth etc.

Thus the cusp rule in K. Hence the disease of cancer affected in and around of the face region. The disease will be experienced during the conjoined periods of the sign ificat iors of houses 1 and 6. If with the 8th house be added the intensity of disease will be high in degree and when the marakasthana or bhadhakasthanam are added in addition with above, the life will be in danger and death will occur. Let us find out the significator of the houses 1 and 6. Its lord is Venus. The Jupiter and Venus are in the star of Venus. So, Jupiter, Venus are the significator of Lagna Bhava. Now, the Mercury and Jupiter are conjoined with the Venus in the same sign Leo but not in the same bhava.

Particularly the Mercury which is in 10th bhava. So by connection in the 1st house are Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. The Jupiter aspects Saturn. So Saturn is also a significator of the 1st house. The 6th house is occupied by Saturn the King of malefic. The Mars posited in the constellation of Saturn. So the significator of the 6th house are Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Now let us examine the above The Jupiter is in the significator.

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So the Jupiter is significations by sub of a strong Mercury. The significator. The Venus is under the sub of Saturn. So Venus is a strong significator. So The K. P's sub. The Kethu is in the sign of Mars. As Mars is the significator of 6th house. So, Kethu will act the significator of 6th house as per rule. Hence Saturn, becomes a strong significator besides this, Jupiter aspects Saturn in full. The disease appeared in the cheek, face i.

Then Mercury signifies mouth. It was like a small tumour :n the cheek. The Saturn signifies tumour and small in dimension was due to the Influence of mercury. As the tumour was due to Saturn, so It was a malignant type of tumour. Venus signifies cancer In of the tumour i. How, K. P, explains the throat, throat was the event and after the operation affected by cancer due wonderfully and scientifically.

She was admitted in the hospital during Oct , I. The effect of Mercury in sookshma position was to allow her in hospital, as Mercury signifies the 12th house. The native was undergone a operation during Nov , when she was running Mercury dasa Venus bukthi, Saturn Anthra and Moon sookshma.

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It is apparant that the Moon has nothing to do with surgery until Mars comes in the dasa system. Thus without K.

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Please look at the chart and you will find that Moon is posited in the constellation of Mars and Kethu aspects Moon. The Kethu represents Mars. Hence the Moon is acted as Mars for which operation was conducted during sookshma period in dasa system. This is the wonder of predicting the events in K.

The nature of death can be determined from the sublord of the 8th cusp and its significator. The death will be during the conjoined periods of marka and bhadhakasthana planets. The Mars is also a Karaka planet for surgery. Hence the death was due to malignant type of disease like cancer and also operation. The native died on During this time, the native was running Mercury dasa, Venus bukthi, Saturn Anthra and Jupiter sookshma.

AM the dasa lords are well connected to the houses of maraka and Bhathaka houses and also the malignant type of disease like cancer. The gem Red ceral may be used tn a silver or over come from this dreaded disease "Cancer". Offerings prayers to god, the Almighty may give you relief from all troubles whether bodily or mentally. A sincere prayer is an unfailing in its effects. Prayer has great power in curing diseases. Chanting the Manthra of chandi Durga Hotnas for chandi Kali and also "Raktha give good results in curing this disease. When such growth happens to be encapsulated and the rate of proliferation is slow and without secondary changes, it is a simple benign tumour.

Cancer is said to be pre-eminently a disease of middle and old age though its occurance at any time of life is also not ruled out. It is also said that cancer occurs with greater frequency in females because of the great subcept ibillty of the breasts and. This perhaps one of the reasons for the sign cancer being associated with the disease.

Cancer in Western astrology, while in our humple opinion, there is not much evidence to support this theory, there is no doubt that the Moon's affliction in the sign Cancer, can also lead to lot of a stomach and intestinal disorders and also Breast Cancer. Cancer of the breast and cancer of Cervix Uteri commonly develop in women between 30 and 50 years of age.